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Tannpris wants that everyone shall have the possibility to have good dental health. Our goal is dental health for everyone. Tannpris wants you to have the best treatment to the best price.

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Here you can find out how your dental treatment will cost. You can also see how much money you will save by doing your dental treatment abroad.

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To choose a dentist can be hard, especially if you require a lot of dental treatment. Your mouth is personal and sensitive part of your body. Therefore it is important to find a dentist who can offer you good dental treatment to a reasonable price. In Oslo there are several dentists and most of them have good quality on their work, but availability, service and prices are criteria dentists in Oslo must improve. Oslo is the capital of Norway and the country’s biggest city. The city has a university with a faculty of dentistry and access to high competence. In Oslo there are plenty of dentists and great competition among them. This increases the risk for dentists overtreating their patients, as dentists who do not have enough patients seem to treat their patients more than necessary. Therefore the city needs a dental center which can help patients with extensive treatments for a reasonable price. Tannpris cooperates with dentists in Oslo who can offer you a free consultation if you require a lot of dental treatment. Tannpris will have many more cooperation partners within short time. We plan to have cooperation agreements with dentists in Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg, Strömstad, Tønsberg, Tromsø, Kristiansand and Horten. Additionally we have cooperation agreements with dentists in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Spain and Thailand.


Good dental health is very important for the quality of life and prosperity in today’s society. Tannpris works for improving dental health for everyone. Poor income and dental fear accounts for most of the reasons behind poor dental health. Tannpris wants to help you find a good and reasonable dentist in your area or abroad. We offer you an examination at a Norwegian dentist who informs of what treatment you need and how much it will cost in Norway or abroad. You can by yourself calculate how much your dental treatment will cost by using our price calculator. Click here to access our price calculator. The price calculator helps you find prices for different dental treatments and compare those between different countries. You will also get information about what it implies to receive dental treatment abroad. You choose by yourself where you want to do your dental treatment.

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Tannpris has 2 cooperation partners in Oslo: Oslo Tannlegesenter and Torshov Tannlegesenter.

Oslo Tannlegesenter (Oslo Dental Center)

Oslo Tannlegesenter is located in Tordenskiolds gate 6B, in the center of Oslo, close to the City Hall. Oslo Tannlegesenter is a highly modern clinic and offers all kinds of dental treatment, for example: dental implant treatment, invisible orthodontic treatment and treatment under general anesthesia. For more information you can visit their home page by clicking here.


Torshov Tannlegesenter (Torshov Dental Center)

Torshov Tannlegesenter is located in Fagerheimgata 18 in Torshov, a borough in Oslo. The clinic is newly renovated and located on the ground floor for easy access. Torshov Tannlegesenter offers all kinds of dental treatment. If you are in need of extensive dental treatment Torshov Tannlegesenter is offering you a free unconditional consultation. Torshov Tannlegesenter has great success in treating patients with odontophobia, if you want more information click here to visit their home page.



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Tannpris wants that everyone shall have the possibility to have good dental health. Our goal is dental health for everyone. Tannpris wants you to have the best treatment to the best price.

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There is a big difference between dental prices in Norway and abroad. Find out how much you can save by doing your dental treatment abroad.


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